The disclaimer and the privacy Policy

This disclaimer identifies the rules and restrictions of the use of the websites that are owned by the AfterDawn Oy, including The list of websites this disclaimer refers to, is subject to change without prior notice.

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  1. All material presented on these pages is property of the company unless otherwise mentioned. The content can be only copied, partly or in full, with a written agreement from the company.
  2. Downloadable material presented on these websites is available within the limitations and the disclaimers of the each software. Should any software be present without the consent of the author it will be removed within 10 business days after the request to remove has been presented by the author. In order to remove the software from these pages the author should contact the corresponding webmaster of the site.
  3. The company takes no responsibility of the material provided by third parties. This includes, but is not limited to, downloadable software, material submitted by users and/or external links. This includes any intellectual, material and/or financial loss or damage arising from the use or inability to use the material.
  4. All material provided by the users to the company's websites, should the material be copyrighted to the user, can be used by the company for it's business purposes.
  5. The company does not guarantee content of the external sites it links to. This includes, but is not limited to, material violating copyrights, harmful material, and/or racist content. All links on the company's websites are provided "as is".
  6. Even though the company's servers are maintained and located in the United States, the company operates under the laws of Finland and the European Union, and does not take into account other national laws. All legal disputes will be handled by the District Court of Oulu, Finland.
  7. The company collects personal information on it's users only when the user registers as a user on any of the company's websites. Company and its partners may collect identifiable information by using cookies or other means of tracking your online behaviour.
  8. The personal information gathered will not be sold to a third party under any circumstances.
  9. Users wanting to be removed from the company's databases should read the information sent to their email address after joining the site. The email describes how to 'opt-out' from our user database.
  10. Other non-personal information gathered on the sites will be used to create large demographic groups for target advertisement. This information includes, but is not limited to, IP addresses, country codes, loaded templates, browser versions, operating system information and connection speeds. In no way will this information be linked to the personal information provided by the user.
  11. All products sold directly or non-directly through the company's websites or advertised on the company's websites are provided by third parties, and are not related in anyway to the company. Any complaints, questions and other inquiries should be directed to the third party provider in question.
  12. The company works in co-operation with several advertisers, advertisement networks and advertisement providers in order to provide targeted marketing on the company's websites. These advertisers or advertisement networks collect information about the users for their own purposes - that is, to target their advertisements better. These parties may gather information about user behaviour using cookies or any other techniques that allow user behaviour to be tracked. Our advertisement partners include, among others, these companies: Google, Vibrant Media and installCore.
    • In the course of serving advertisements to this site, our third-party partners may place or recognize a unique "cookie" on your browser.
  13. The company does not guarantee the correctness of the information provided on or through it's websites. The company cannot be held responsible for any damages, financial losses or legal action the use or inability to use the websites might cause to the users or any third party.
  14. These rules, restrictions, privacy policies, and other content of the legal arguments listed here, are subject to change without notice.
  15. By contiuing to use our site you agree that we can collect information about your behaviour and technical details of your visit. You also agree that some of our partners might collect identifiable information about you and use that information to improve targeting of advertising and/or to create analytical profiles about you.

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